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You are becoming parents.

You feel significant, like you’re the first person to ever have a child.

You recognize that you’re stepping over a threshold into a vast unknown, and you’re hopeful. You also feel a hesitation about this new landscape, and you suspect it isn’t all frilly blankets and newborn snuggles.  You really need someone to give it to you straight, with no BS or candy-coated promises.

You feel a pull to mark this time in your life, to really investigate all the changes going on.

But most of all, you won’t settle for average. You don’t want boring classes that ignore your individuality or intelligence. You can see that pregnancy is more than a physical or intellectual event, and you want to involve your whole self in this transition.

Of course you do; it’s how you live your life.

This class might be perfect for you if:
– You want to feel REALLY prepared for labor and birth
– you need a little gentle guidance, but not judgment
– you want to connect with your partner in a meaningful way, to be on the same page
– you need a dress rehearsal before all the pressure of the performance

A little about me:
I am Holly Barhamand, the mentor and doula behind Holly Helps Us. I started teaching Birth Classes because I love just that – to help new parents find their own paths and to create meaningful beginnings for newborn families. I believe that the best birth is rooted in honest preparation, connection, flexibility and love.

How I can help you:
I offer these services:

– Childbirth Classes (more than just information)
– Labor Doula Services
– Placenta Encapsulation

Who I love:
I’m giddy when my classroom is full of people who:

– are playful, finding humor and passion anywhere.
– welcome unexpected guests even if their floors are dirty.
– love documentaries.
– don’t wait for help to re-arrange the furniture.
– were absolutely shocked by that second pink line (either “Finally!” or “WTF!”)

Explore my class offerings, get to know my approach or learn a little more about me.